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Back to Nature Farms

Chicken Legs 6 Pack

Chicken Legs 6 Pack

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Chicken Leg Options:

Small - 1.31 lbs - 1.56 lbs

Medium - 1.57 lbs - 1.80 lbs

Large - 1.81 lbs - 2.06 lbs

Extra large - 2.07 lbs - 2.17 lbs

BIG - 2.37 lbs


Our pasture raised Chicken Legs are juicy, tender, and rich in flavor!   


Our chickens are allowed to explore a new world of pasture grasses and legumes every single day.


Raising them on pasture gives them the opportunity to use their natural instincts to scratch, peck, and eat crickets, grasshoppers, and other bugs and insects. 


They have full access to fresh water and are fed a high-protein, organic feed at all times. 


Drumsticks are one of the most versatile cuts of meat on any U.S. table. 


Whether you want to smoke them, grill them up or bake them, they are absolutely delicious and full of protein.


Pasture raised, Vacuum sealed, USDA inspected, No hormones, Regeneratively raised.


Health Benefits

Once you taste our Nutrient-Dense pasture-raised chicken we promise that you won’t return to conventional factory farmed chicken.  It not only is more flavorful compared to conventional chicken but has less fat, 50% more vitamin A, and 3 times more Omega 3’s, has a lower Omega 6:3 ratio, higher in iron and antioxidants. It is 50% higher in crucial vitamins such as A, D and E, contains higher amounts of amino acids, including glutathione, which is so beneficial that many people take it in supplement form to reduce inflammation, aid in detoxification, and increase energy.  Our chicken is also lower in saturated fats by 21% compared to traditional store bought chicken.

Our chickens are raised outdoors to have the ability to hunt, scratch, and peck, which is their natural intention. They flourish on lush green pasture with alfalfa, grasses and natures insects, worms, seeds and nuts for highly protein-rich snacks where they are moved daily.  Living outside and grazing naturally keeps our birds healthy, which means we don’t have to treat them with any antibiotics, medications, hormones or steroids.  They are supplemented with a non-GMO/organic diet that is free choice and full of all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow a healthy life and contain no animal byproducts. Our pasture raised chickens are Treated Humanely and provided access to fresh air, sunlight, and grazing.

We Pride ourselves in offering ethically raised, natural proteins so that you can feel confident in the Quality of your purchase to feed you and your family!

All products are vacuumed sealed for freshness!

We are proud members of American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

Shipping & Refund Policy

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Delicious and Nutritious Chicken

* Humanely raised

* Pastured raised and moved frequently

* Non-GMO and organic feed

* No steroids, antibiotics or hormones added

* Moist, lean and tender

* Very nutrient dense

* Nitrite/Nitrate Free

Our Guarantee

Back to Nature Farms will treat you like family, only giving you the best. If you are not satisfied with your order, please get in touch with us and we will try our very best to make it right.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the animals at Back to Nature Farms animals 100% pasture raised and/or grassfed?

Yes! Our chickens are pasture raised on grasses and legumes and fed non-GMO/organic feed and are moved frequently in our schooner.

Our cows are grassfed and grass finished and are rotationally grazed on cover crops and grass pastures.

The pigs are pasture raised and given necessary added non-GMO/organic grains for their diet. 

Are your animals processed in a USDA facility?

Yes. Our beef, pork and chicken are all processed at a USDA certified processing facility.

How is your meat packaged?

All of our beef, pork and chicken products utilize vacuum sealed packaging and labeled by our USDA processors. Our boxes may also contain dry ice to allow the meat to keep at a frozen temperature until they reach your doorstep. 

How is it shipped?

All orders are packed in an eco-friendly box that is lined with a recyclable liner. The contents are packed with dry ice or ice packs to ensure that it arrives in good condition to its final destination. All packages are shipped via FedEx with access to precise tracking. 

What happens if I am not satisfied with my product?

Please get in touch with us and we will do our best to make it right!

Do your animals get any hormones or antibiotics?

No. Our animals get no added hormones or antibiotics.

Where does Back to Nature Farms ship to?

Back to Nature Farms ships to all states with the EXCEPTION of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut.

Click here to see our shipping map.

Is your farm sustainable?

Our farm is regenerative and sustainable. We move our animals daily to build the soil and the health of grasses which then leads to better quality meat.

How do I properly cook grassfed and pasture raised proteins?

All grassfed beef should be cooked at lower temperatures vs traditional grain fed beef. Our steaks have higher proteins and lower fat levels which makes it cook quicker. Grassfed beef usually requires 30% less cooking time at 145°F internally.

Pastured pork can easily be overcooked by using too high of heat or cooking it for too long. Checking the internal temperature is a good way to judge the degree of doneness. Ideally for a juicier, more tender piece of meat 145°F-165°F is best! If you want a more drier piece of meat then cook at 170°F. 

Pastured chicken should never be eaten undercooked. With chicken a thermometer should be your best friend! Internal temperature should reach 165°F.

How do I safely handle/dispose of dry ice?

To guarantee that your product arrives at a safe temperature, dry ice is included to each shipment. When the order comes, it is not unusual for the dry ice to have completely dissipated. 

Dry ice is extremely cold at -109°F. To protect your skin, you should always handle it with protective gloves. It is harmless to touch for a brief moment, but continuous contact can cause damaged skin.

DO dispose of dry ice by letting the unused portion dissipate in a well-ventilated area!

Do NOT leave dry ice with public access to where it can be touched by children or pets!

Do NOT dispose of dry ice in a sink, toilet, or other similar places. This will damage the structure because of extreme temperatures!

Do NOT place dry ice on a tilted or solid surface countertop as it will cause damage because of extreme temperatures!

Do NOT dispose in a trash or garbage can!