At Back to Nature Farms, we believe that healthy soil creates healthy plants, which leads to thriving animals supplying nutrient-dense food for you, our thriving customer.

The Cycle of Nature

       You may have heard the term "regenerative agriculture" and may not understand what it is. We didn't fully understand the principles behind it either. In learning more, we were taught about the interaction between the soil, plants, animals, and ultimately human health. YOUR health.

       Centuries ago, animal migration was what fertilized and kept the ecosystem in check. The pressure of the animals moving along the soil, foraging the plants, and their ruminants (excrement) all had a major impact on the soil and plants, while giving the animals the proper nutrition they needed to move across the lands. We learned that by not having animals in our row cropping operation, we were giving you, the consumer, a mediocre product. Knowing our responsibility as stewards of the land and providing the best quality food for you, this was eye-opening to learn. We soon started custom-grazing cows on our cover crops during the fall/winter season, and this new adventure began. Soon, we had the opportunity to expand Back to Nature Farms.

Back to Nature Farms

       Little did we know that caring for and raising livestock would be such a joyful and rewarding addition to the farm and family. After rotational grazing of cattle in the fall and winter months, you will find chickens and pigs grazing in the spring and summer months in the pasture. Doing this helps make the soil even more fertile while they are free to eat bugs, scratch at the earth, root, dig and do everything a pig and chicken is naturally inclined to do. We value using honest business practices to produce healthy, nutrient-dense proteins with transparency, so you know where and how your food is raised. These practices allow the animals to flourish without the use of added hormones or antibiotics and pass that goodness on to you the way nature intended.

       Back to Nature Farms, located in Nebraska, is operated by Chad and Dawn and our kids. We all have a love for agriculture.  We have all attended many seminars and conferences to help us learn and understand this cycle. We can never learn enough to keep expanding our knowledge and passion for regenerative agriculture.