Our pasture raised Berkshire Heritage cross pigs have access to the sun and shade and are allowed to forage, run, root, dig, and graze, just as the life of a pig should be. They are free of confinement and humanely raised. These pigs have open reign over various plants and dirt that are filled with many nutritious minerals. 

       They love to eat roots, bugs, worms, and other things found around them. A pig's diet plays a big role in the outcome of our meat. Pigs will eat pretty much anything you put in front of them, but their diet consists of a high-quality, organic, grain-based diet, which gives them energy, and soybeans and canola meal for protein. A healthy diet for a pig is very critical to producing healthy, nutritious, and delicious meat for you to eat. These pigs are never given any type of hormone or antibiotic.  Heritage-bred pork is simply delicious. It has a higher fat content throughout the meat, which makes for a rich, deep flavor. 

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