At Back to Nature Farms, our Angus cows are 100% grassfed and are rotationally moved on a regular basis in paddocks within a field. Something a little unique about what these animals graze is that they also eat cover crops, which are planted after our cash crops are harvested. These cover crops consist of a variety of different species of grasses, legumes, brassicas, and broadleaves. These cover crops not only allow the soil to increase organic matter and soil fertility but also give the cows more nutrients. They enjoy grazing for hours in the tall, beautiful fields alongside their calves. The cows will also spend time in pastures when grass is readily available.
       You might be wondering what a paddock is. Paddocks are sections of the field that only give the cows access to a small portion for a certain time period. The purpose of doing this is to improve the soil by giving the cows a defined space to graze, which allows us to regulate how much is eaten and also regulates how their manure is spread. Manure, urine, and mouth saliva give the soil nutrients for plants and biology. This is the reason why we rotationally graze! This makes for happy and healthy cows, along with creating the best soil for our crops, which improves both over time. 
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Video - Havin' Fun Making Paddocks